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About Me

My name is Serena Malyon and I’m a Canadian freelance illustrator. I grew up around art and spent my early days drawing medieval maidens and knights. In 2012 I graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design, and I’ve built a career on my love of fantasy and adventure. I currently reside in Alberta where my hobbies include watching comedies, playing RPGs, and taking long walks in beautiful places.

About the Art 
I paint in watercolour and acryla gouache, but I like to play with digital painting in my art as well. My work is filled with bright colours, strange compositions and fantastical subjects. For process videos and progress shots, visit my instagram.

Selected Clients
Wizards of the Coast  •  Tor Books  •  Orbit Books  •  HarperCollins  •  Macmillan  Publishers  •  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt  •  Bloomsbury  •  Kids Can Press  •  Little, Brown and Company  •  BOOM! Studios  •  Orca Book Publishers  •  Fantasy Flight Games.


Chesley Awards 2024 Winner - "Best Color Work- Unpublished", for "Steady"

Chesley Awards 2024 Nomination - "Best Gaming Related", for "Soul of Emancipation"

Tolkien Society Awards 2023 Winner- "Best Artwork", for "The Party Tree"

Infected By Art Vol. 3 Silver- "Oil / Acrylic / Watercolor Category", for "The Creator"

Where you can find my work
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, March 2020  •  Spectrum 20  •  Communication Arts Illustration Annual 55  •  Spectrum 21  •  Illustration West 54  •  Infected by Art Vol.3, Vol.4, Vol. 6, Vol. 8

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