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Steward of the Depths – 13×18″ watercolour and acryla gouache on Arches 140lb


Shipped in 3×19″ mailing tube, must be flattened upon receipt.


He sits beneath the waves, quiet and peaceful. The coral that decorates him hosts a brilliant variety of sea creatures. Ancient ships that once ran aground his rocky shoulders belong to the barnacles now, slowly becoming a part of his reef. He trudges along the ocean depths, seeking others of his kind.


*Convention Pickup not possible*


Some humans follow in his wake, seeking the rare, elusive fish that live in his crown. Others dive in search of lost treasures, hidden in the hulls of the vessels that decorate him. Small boats rest on the surface, safe from the spiny reef below, as divers greet the goliath. Some giants find humans a threat, some a fascination, but the Steward of the Depths merely considers man another sea scavenger.

Steward of the Depths

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